Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Marc Jacobs Body Splashes

Marc Jacobs has released 2 new body splashes and I can't honestly say which I like best! After smelling both at Nordstrom I have decided they are both lovely but for different reasons and would suit different moods.

Fig was my instant favorite with fig, yuzu zest and tuscan cypress making it both warm but fresh at the same time. Fig is a great transition from the ultra fruity scents of summer to a more fall state of mind.

Gardenia on the other hand is floral as one might expect but the dry down includes enough musk to take the edge off. I was surprised by this one as gardenia scents can be cloying and awful but this splash is not.

Both splashes are the 10 ounce size for $68 each and are light enough to spray with abandon.

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