Friday, August 8, 2008

Stila Backstage Palette

So on my Sephora trip this weekend I found not only the black Backstage palette from Stila but also the red!

After checking them both out in person the red palette is the clear winner for me and at $40 for 3 HUGE pans of eyeshadow and a half size Kajal eyeliner, in the basket it went!

The packaging alone on these palettes makes them hard to pass up but the proverbial deal is sealed when you see the colors on this one. The gray and pewter are absolutely perfect for fall and the base or highlight shade is a great multi-tasker.

The rose is not attached to the palette but is tied on with a ribbon that can be worn as is or as the Sephora SA suggested, made into a pin.

I highly recommend checking these out before they disappear and tell me which palette you like best!

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