Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Chanel - Gold Fiction

Chanel's Fall 2008 collection has been talked about and written about a bunch. I too was swept up in the previews that showed pictures of gold lipgloss and nail polish and Facettes d'Or highlighting powder, convinced I would want every last thing.

I am just as surprised to report that after playing with the colors at Neiman Marcus yesterday I was underwhelmed with only a few noted exceptions.

Rather than harp on about how a lot of these colors have been done before and in some cases a whole lot better, I'll concentrate on what did wow me and had me whipping out my cash!

Gold Fiction nail polish in priced higher than the usual Chanel polish and while I may balk a bit at $35 for a bottle you may think nothing of the price after seeing the polish. The bottle is opaque and the color on it does not accurately represent the gorgeousness that is Gold Fiction.

Gold Fiction is a champagne beige gold tone. It is metallic but not glittery. The polish is dazzling with one hastily applied coat at the Chanel counter and knock your socks off lovely with two coats applied in the comfort of your home or nail salon. I didn't have any particular hankering for this much talked about polish but after seeing it I am converted to the church of gold polish....at least Chanel's anyway.

The other item that nabbed my attention and was a slam dunk purchase is a new shade of Aqualumiere Sheer Color Lipshine, Papeete. Papeete is a bright but sheer raspberry pink shade with violet shimmer and is a stunner on the lips. My husband caught me skulking around the counter (as you can guess this is a frequent occurrence) and even he asked what shade I had on my lips. Needless to say it too went home with me.

Check out the collection for yourself and tell me what you think of it. There is much talk of the collection to hit counters later this year. The reports all speak of a smoky eye quad that will cause a stampede at the counter.

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