Friday, August 22, 2008

Fresh Supernova Mascara

I am a mascara tramp. I am never faithful even to mascaras I really like. For instance, I love Chanel's Inimitable but I keep trying other mascaras hoping to improve on its formula. My main issue is that if I get fantastic separation and definition the volume sucks. And if I get thick and lush lashes I am fitting a clump war I never seem to win.

I realize many makeup artists use two different mascaras to achieve the desired combo of length and volume and bring in a lash comb for separation. I guess I think this is a bit crazy and outside of my morning routine time constraints. So I keep searching.....

My most recent trial is Fresh Supernova which has been recommended to me by just about every Sephora SA I have asked. They all rave that it doesn't run or smudge and the formula and brush really deliver.

So I ponied up my $25 bucks and hoped for the best, oh and I kept my receipt! My results were good but not OMG amazing and here's why. First off for $25 bucks I want most of my aforementioned mascara criteria met and the good news is it was. The sort of bad news is that the mascara really didn't make my lashes much thicker although it did separate and lengthen nicely.

All in all this mascara gets a B+ in my mind and it is worth considering if you are on the hunt for good mascara or are just a mascara tramp like me.

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