Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mac New Collections

As my wallet was finally recovering from Sonic Chic and Electroflash not to mention the damage done by Starflash, MAC circles the wagons for the final assault on a barely breathing bank account!

Overrich and Cult of Cherry are on the way and god help us poor makeup junkies! Now I have heard conflicting info on the release date, everything from late August to September but my local MAC store insists these are coming on August 21st. I am betting on the 22nd as most MAC releases seem to hit officially on Fridays.

Anyway Overrich consists of 8 pigments with only one being a repromote and really pigments more than most MAC products make my heart flutter! Here are the details:

  • Blonde's Gold - Light Tan with Gold and White pearl
  • Antique Green - Turquoise Green with Gold pearl
  • Vintage Gold - Tarnished Green with Green pearl
  • Museum bronze - Rich Taupe with Gold pearl
  • Mauvement - (Repromote) Cool Taupe with Gold Pearl
  • Mega-Rich - Frosty burnt Orange with Gold pearl
  • Copperbeam - Rusted Brown with Red pearl
  • Heritage Rouge - Deep Burgundy with Red and Brown pearl
Cult of Cherry is the fall epitomized with dramatic eyes and rich lips. There are 3 eye quads:

Spiced Chocolate focuses on reddish chocolate shades. Shadowy Lady has one of my fav MAC shades of the same name and is all about purple and blue. Tempting is dark and lovely with gold and coco. All the quads are $36 and feature some limited other words snap them up if you like them as the popular MAC stuff seems to blow out of town in the blink of an eye.

I have already reserved my picks from the two collections and once again I am pretty sure my makeup spending could pay off third world debt. But hey makeup is my thing and you will never catch me clothes shopping for fun, just out of strict necessity!

There will be new lipsticks, lipglass, mattene, nail polish and blush but I am in overload. Please say a solemn prayer for my bank account, it's going to need it!

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