Monday, August 4, 2008

SJP Covet Pure Bloom

Here is SJP's summer flanker to Covet, Covet Pure Bloom. I found this cuter than cute bottle at Macy's but I had to go looking. Maybe it was just my Macy's, but there wasn't any advertising for this or a counter display. Instead I found this perfume off on a side counter and there wasn't even a tester!

Well needless to say I did ask the sales lady to pull out the bottle so I could get a good whiff and I instantly thought I had smelled this perfume's twin before. It took me a while to figure it out but there the answer was in my own fragrance collection.

Burberry London is a dead ringer for Covet Pure Bloom and while more sophisticated noses may differ with my opinion I am here to say it is damn close.

To evaluate Covet Pure Bloom on it's own merits is hard but as I am sure you have already guessed since I do own the Burberry scent it does stand to reason that SJP's juice was good. Covet Pure Bloom is nice and while I like it I continue to be very surprised at SJP's scent choices. After reading how much she likes slightly dirty smelling heavier scents these sweeter easier perfumes are mystifying.

Ah is still infinitely better than a lot of celeb perfumes and the bottle is pun intended.

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