Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Chanel Glossimer

It occurred to me today that I could probably write an entire blog about lipgloss alone. I think this a common problem for a lot of makeup junkies...right?

I mean when I was a younger girl gloss was the furthest thing from my mind. Matte lipstick was all the rage and the deeper the color the better. I am thinking MAC's Verushka and Russian Red, which are deep eggplant and a true deep blue red respectively. This is serious matte lipstick that requires frequent checking in the mirror and you could never just apply them walking down the street.

Maybe that's were gloss came in and became so popular....it requires far less commitment than lipstick and even the colors are more forgiving since they are sheer. The wrong pink lipstick can look garish but in gloss form more people can pull off the same shade.

With that thought in mind you should know Chanel Glossimer is among my top 5 lipgloss choices, of any line, period.

Between the array of color choices and the wear time, this is good gloss. Glossimer is not some super watery gloss that is gone in two seconds. Instead Glossimer is a bit thicker in texture and has better color payoff than most gloss which I love.

I think everyone must already worship at the altar that is Chanel's Glossimer but for those out there who don't here are my top choices:

Spark (swatch pictured) is a sheer golden cherry that is beautiful and sexy on the lips without looking harsh.

Pagoda is my go to color for the morning rush and I haven't met a blond that doesn't look good wearing it. This shade is reminiscent of a peachy gold bellini and is very flattering.

Hibiscus is a great evening shade and sort of reminds me of Spark, but with the color pumped up. It is a more burgundy red with gold shimmer that looks great in low restaurant lighting. This color also straddles that line of cool and warm tones, so most skin tones look good wearing it.

While Chanel gloss may be on the pricey side it delivers where many glosses fall flat. The color range is huge and the wear time make it worth a few more dollars. Plus it does not have any fragrance!


marisol said...

I really like the concept of these products. I don't own one because I think that they are overpriced but I know that part of it is the prestige about them. Le sigh...

SF Makeup Junkie said...

I agree with you completely about the price point but it is good gloss.