Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sephora Tricks of the Trade Products

In general I am not a fan of the Sephora brand products. Perhaps I have just not picked wisely but on the whole I have found them disappointing. The one noted exception is the Professional Platimun Series brushes that are great quality and are on the whole very reasonably priced. I have not had to replace any and they have performed well and remained soft and kept their shape.

On my weekly trip to Sephora I was cruising the brush section when I noticed some new products that Sephora is calling "Tricks of the Trade" and I was intrigued. The line includes a Wrinkle Filler (primer), Lip Last (lip color sealer), Instant Lip Plumper, Lip Balm, Radiance Mist, Anti-Shine Primer, Eyeshadow Transformer (powder into liquid liner), Setting Mist, Lip Primer, Eye Brightener......geesh you get the idea.

The welcome surprise is that most of these products were priced well below $20 which is serious bargain material. Lord knows their competitors are priced much higher but of course it all comes down to product performance.

I tested out the lip balm which I figured is the shallow end of the pool. The jar is $8 and includes mango butter, vitamin e, menthol for a pleasant cooling sensation and palmitoyl oligopeptide which plumps. I wore the balm all around the store and liked it enough to buy it and am encouraged to try out more from this new offering!

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