Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Stain Hall Of Fame #2

The Hall of Fame continues with Benefit's new Posietint. As I mentioned in the previous post Benetint was never a stain I could love. The intense rose fragrance was off putting to me and even though I love the rose stain Benetint produces I just couldn't get past that smell!

Benefit changed all that for me with Posietint! Posietint was love at first swipe and after staining my lips I promptly marched up to the register to purchase a bottle.

Posietint earns its place in the Hall of Fame for a few reasons. First the color is lovely and buildable. You can wear a very thin layer for a light pink wash or layer it up for a more intense pink flush. Second, Posietint dries quickly and really stains lips so it lasts for hours under gloss. Third and possibly the winning point for me anyway was that Benefit thankfully made this stain fragrance free!

Sephora has the bottles for $28 and with the nail polish brush applicator Posietint is bound to become a cult classic fast!

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