Thursday, July 17, 2008

Brow Gel

This is my favorite brow gel. I picked up this tube of Max Factor clear mascara after seeing it in Dick Page's kit in an old issue of Allure years ago. He said it had great hold and was cheap. I was sold.

These tubes have become a bit of a cult item among my friends but Max Factor has becoming increasingly hard to find and often this item is sold out! So when one of us finds some we buy all of the tubes and try not to hoard them!

I am usually able to find Max Factor at Longs Drugs and Ulta and I am here to report it is worth it to hunt for this stuff. The tubes are about $6 and trounce most other expensive brow gels. This gel has good hold without flaking or being obvious on the brow. Plus it gives your brow hairs a nice shine that makes them look healthy and groomed.

I routinely wear this to the gym and it lasts through sweating and toweling. It's great stuff.

When I just can't find any tubes my second choice is Anastasia Brow Gel which is $21 at Sephora. It's a good solid choice but it's not $6 and so Max Factor remains the champion for my brow gel needs.

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