Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My Hat Is My BFF

Now I know what you are thinking......this is a beauty blog so why I am I writing about a hat?

My answer.....this is a beauty blog and a good hat for outdoor summer fun will help keep you beautiful for a long time to come.

I searched and hunted for a wide brim hat that did not make me look like a senior citizen or mini-van driving soccer mom. If you are either one, I mean no harm, the look just isn't for me. I wanted style and to look chic, like some yacht owning Countess out for a cruise. A tall order I realize but I was prepared to hunt.

When strolling through Nordstrom this beauty caught my eye! Oh....she is pretty, I thought. Plus she met all my criteria. This hat is under $100 bucks, has a wide brim to protect both face and neck, can be packed, and provides a SPF 50 with sturdy cotton canvas. The elegant tie around the brim surprised me by looking chic and not matronly.


Well today I went on my daughter's school field trip to the park. The kids had a great time and ran around like wild animals with the mom's wearing all manner of just the sort of hat I had avoided. I am proud and not a little pleased to say that no fewer than 6 asked where I got my hat because I looked like a movie star!

You don't have to say it.....my hat was tight from all those compliments!

This hat is by Helen Kaminski and the style is Melody. It comes in a variety of colors and can be found in Nordstrom stores or at lots of online hat e-tailors.

The advice from this makeup junkie is to protect your face and look good doing it!

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