Wednesday, July 30, 2008

MAC - Starflash Collection

What the heck is going on? I walked into Nordstrom on Friday night and found this collection of eyeshadows and pencils staring back at me! Starflash is all over the Internet but is completely absent from the MAC site and the Nordstrom site??? Again, what's up?!

Well all I can say is don't waste any time and run, do not walk down to your local Nordstrom store and pick yourself up some Starflash eyeshadow. This shadow is swoon worthy not only due to the color but the texture! Oh lord above the texture is any makeup junkie's dream. The shadows are all frost satin and creamy beyond belief.

I know I am gushing and I can't help it. I wanted every last one of the 12 shadows but only bought half! Only, she says....but when you see them and swatch them for yourself you will understand why not purchasing every last one was such a challenge.

I feel like MAC is on a personal mission to bankrupt me for good. There I will be in bankruptcy court trying to tell the judge that it wasn't me and my makeup addiction but instead MAC is to blame. If they would just slow down the spigot of makeup fabulousness I could exhibit some self control! As it is I am single-handedly helping out our sagging economy!

Talent Pool is probably my favorite of all the shadows and is a bright teal aquamarine shade that looks drop dead smack me twice gorgeous layered with Delft paint pot.

A little later I will be discussing how I get all these shadows into palette form.....stay tuned!

UPDATE: Starflash is now up on the MAC website and selling fast!

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