Monday, July 7, 2008

Bare Escentuals - The Bare & The Beautiful

The Bare and The Beautiful kit was not love at first sight. I had to test these colors to really fall in love. It's like a friend turning into might take a bit longer but it's the ending that counts!

The kit consists of two eyeshadows, Kindness which is an icy blue with violet shimmer and Praise a metallic navy with amethyst shimmer. Praise is a gorgeous liner.

A Hint Of Truth is the third pot in this set and is a pinky apricot shade that BE describes as vintage rose. While our descriptions of the color may vary, it is a lovely natural blush color.

The real pay dirt for me is the double ended brush. I honestly feel that BE does double ended brushes as well as or better than anyone else and while they are not always practical for storage (which end do you smoosh to stand them up) purposes, you do get a lot of brush for the money. This one has a tapered blush and paddle eyeshadow on either end and is fantabulous!

The Bare and The Beautiful can be had for $44 at BE stores or online.

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