Thursday, July 3, 2008

Camp Rock As Fragrance

I may get hate mail for this but a blog is the writer's opinion after more, no less.

As anyone with a child in the house knows, Camp Rock, the latest made for tv Disney movie made it's debut. My daughter who is nearly 7 loves all things Disney and the singing and dancing extravaganza that is Camp Rock and High School Musical are no exceptions.

She has innocent little girl crushes on Joe Jonas and Zac Efron and knows every single song from the movies by heart as both myself and our neighbors can attest. These movies are very G-Rated and when I say the singing and dancing are the draw for her I mean it! If you were to come over to our house it would take only a bit of coaxing to get her to sing and show you her dance moves!

So what on earth does Disney and bubblegum pop music have to do with a beauty blog? Well it occurred to me while watching her dance up a storm watching Camp Rock for the 12th time (we Tivo'ed it) that her favorite perfume happens to be Juicy Couture which in my opinion is a bit like the bubblegum fun of these movies.

Juicy Couture is all about fruity goodness and with notes like watermelon, mandarin, pink passion fruit, and green apple you can see why. There's even caramel creme brulee and vanilla thrown in for good measure. This perfume is not as sickly sweet as the notes description would have you believe but it is fun and young and like Camp Rock fluffy, but still has you singing along.

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