Monday, July 21, 2008

The Stain Hall Of Fame #1

My favorite part of any beauty book or magazine article is when artists or editors share some of their beauty tips and secrets. These little nuggets of beauty wisdom can be everything from stuff you regard as a pearl of wisdom on down to secrets you just never thought to try. I store these little nuts of knowledge away like any good squirrel and using stains for amping up lipgloss color is definitely among my favorite tips.

For some this may be a big duh moment but the thought had really never occurred to me. In the past I always felt stains were messy and unnecessary. Plus I am probably the only person who could just not hack the rose fragrance bomb that is Benetint. Now don't get me wrong, Benetint does a fine job of staining lips and I even like the color it produces, but good lord the smell is major yuck to me.

With that said here is my first pick for The Stain Hall of Fame!

Becca Beach Tint in Watermelon is one of my top 5 stains of all time. Watermelon is that reddish pink with a slight coral tinge that flatters nearly every skin tone. Beach Tint also has good staying power and dries quickly. The little tube for $25 lasts forever and can be found at Neiman Marucs or Becca Cosmetics online.

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