Tuesday, September 30, 2008

MAC - Zoomlash

I am clearly on some sort of kick! I just keep trying mascara after mascara. I guess it means that I haven't found what I am looking for.

I am here to tell you that Zoomlash may have changed all that for me.

As you can imagine my local Sephora and MAC folks know me well. I walk into the store and I get a greeting on par with going to a friends house. It includes lots of hello's and hugs. I admit I bask in the attention and love talking makeup with people who love it as much as me. Most friends just don't quite get my makeup problem and so I love meeting kindred makeup obsessed spirits and feeling that I am amongst my people.

Anyway, back to Zoomlash. My favorite MAC MA gave me a sample of this mascara after I told her about my Plush Lash experiment. I like Plush Lash a lot but the wand is a bit difficult to maneuver and I am always getting mascara on my eyelid. After trying out Zoomlash I went back immediately and purchased a tube! Seriously, this mascara found all the lashes I have including the little baby ones near the lash line that are growing in! I got instant length and with a few more swipes I got satisfactory volume. I also did not have any issues with clumping and all this can be had for $12 bucks which is a serious bargain.

I also wore this on a very hot day and it didn't run or smudge and the brush is thin enough to get into the inner corner lashes with ease. My best results so far have been a coat of Zoomlash and then a comb through with Max Factor Volume Couture...my lashes have never looked so good!

Seriously though has anyone noticed the price of the drugstore brands creeping up lately? The mascaras are nearing $10 a tube at the drugstore and are making the $30 mascaras actually seem reasonably priced.

Zoomlash is by far my favorite MAC mascara with Pro Lash being second and Plush Lash being third due to its unwieldy wand. I have heard many a complaint that MAC is practically perfect in every way except for mascara and I have to say I do not agree. There are some great ones you just have to choose wisely.

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