Friday, September 5, 2008

Bobbi Brown - Long Wear Eye Palettes

I must have been very good in a previous life. Nothing else can explain the appearance of the two marvelous beauties you see above. Truly these are a gift from the gods and should be scooped up immediately if not sooner!

Now these two palettes contain my two favorite BB products. The long wear cream eyeshadow and gel liner. BB may not have been the first to put these formulas out in the marketplace but she does them as well if not better than anyone.

BB's cream shadows are fabulous. They are available in both shimmer and matte finishes and indeed are long wearing and do not crease. Gel Liner is much the same. It lasts through an entire work day and even survives the gym looking better than it has any right to.

I can honestly say that they only other brand that rivals these two wonders is MAC with Fluidline and Paint Pots, but then again they are both Estee Lauder owned.

Anyway enough chit chat, lets talk about why you should be spending your hard earned cash on these two babies.

First of all these have limited edition shades of cream shadow and gel liner and they are good shades that belong in your makeup wardrobe.
  • Moon Rock Palette on the right includes Gold Drop Long-Wear Cream Shadow, Mineral Dust Long-Wear Cream Shadow, Espresso Ink Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner, Black Topaz Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner.
  • Night Sky Palette on the left includes Rockstar Long-Wear Cream Shadow, Ocean Storm Long-Wear Cream Shadow, Black Ink Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner, Thunder Storm Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner.
The palettes have handy lids that close over the pots so they won't dry out and a brush for application of the liner and shadow is included.

These are Nordstrom exclusive and limited. Happy shopping!

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