Wednesday, September 10, 2008

MAC Plush Lash

Since you already know I am a mascara tramp it should come as no surprise that on my recent trip to MAC for Cult of Cherry and Overrich goodies I picked up a tube of Plush Lash. The stuff is only $12 which is not much more than drugstore these days and so I figured what the heck!

I told my favorite MAC SA that I was looking for some serious pumping up of my puny lashes but did not want to spend an hour combing my lashes to fight off clumps. She nodded sagely and said Plush Lash would do me just fine.

She instructed me to use the flatter side of the wand for length and separation then the rounded side for volume.

Here is the bottom line. The formula is good but the brush is a bit tough to maneuver. I found myself constantly getting my eyelid smudged but have persevered because Plush Lash really does pump up my wimpy lashes.

With some practice the results are quite nice but if you are brush challenged this is not the best choice for you. I intend to try Zoom Lash by MAC as well as my SA swears by it. I will let you know how it goes.

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