Monday, September 8, 2008

Harajuku Lovers G Eau de Toilette

Okay I totally got suckered into purchasing G from the new Harajuku Lovers perfume set. I swore I would avoid these and not give into the over the top cuteness of these little doll perfumes but then I saw them in person and my resolve turned to jelly!

I mean come on, you would have to have a heart of stone to not fall in love with them and for $25 or $45 depending on the size of your bottle who could resist.

Now I was initially not really interested in these aside from the obvious cute factor. The scents were all described as fairly floral and sweet which is not what I generally look for in a fragrance. But as I said I got reeled in at the Nordstrom counter and decided to just give them a smell.....famous last words.

I sniffed all five and most of the group are indeed very sweet and girly but Love with it's pear and woody combo was definitely under consideration. Then I sniffed G and the choice was is basically Hawaii in a bottle. For those who have been to Hawaii you know what I get off the plane and the air has a smell to it that just exudes tropics and trade winds with lush flowers and tangy pineapple. In short it smells the way you imagine an island should.

Since I have been to Hawaii a few times and was in fact married there I could not resist G as so many of the supposed tropical smelling perfumes out there do not come close to the actual smell of getting off the plane and knowing you are on an island.

The Nordstrom SA said this is their second shipment of these adorable little ladies and that they have been selling so fast because most people are buying a complete set. At first I doubted her but during the time I was at the counter two customers approached and walked off with complete sets.

A full set is not in my future but a full size of G just might be.

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