Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I've got a Secret

Now I have to tell you that I debated about blogging my new favorite deodorant. In the end I decided I was just so impressed with the stuff that in the interests of everyone smelling pretty I should not withhold my new pal.

Here it is ladies, Secret Flawless with Olay inspired by Aquacurrent technology in Silky Botanical. I have tried lots of deodorants in my time and most have failed in one or more areas.

I love the way Degree Shower Fresh smells but it leaves my armpits with red bumps. I also love the way Dove Go Fresh in Aloe & Cucumber smells and I don't get those red bumps. What does happen is that I detect a little body odor towards the end of an especially long and sticky day which is not good. The other odd thing I have noticed is supposedly clear deodorant leaving white stains on the arm pit area of black tops.

A lot of my friends have resorted to using the Secret Platinum series to deal with the BO issue but I am hesitant about all that aluminum. So after seeing a commercial for Flawless I decided to give it a try.

Flawless says it will deliver #1 skin conditioning benefits, #2 strong odor and wetness control, #3 go on clear, #4 be smooth and lightweight, and #5 have a self renewing fragrance.

I am here to tell you ladies that this one delivers on it's promises! The Bay Area has been quite hot these past few days and Flawless has performed, well, flawlessly. My pits are bump free and my shirts are not getting stained. Flawless has also dealt nicely with that end of day slight BO and instead I just smell the scent of the Silky Botanicals.

A word on the fragrances. Silky Botanical was my choice as it was the least smelly of the bunch. It is a mild scent that I don't think is particularly botanical but it is powder scents I'm looking at you.

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