Sunday, March 30, 2008

Must Read Article

Most of the advice on what sort of battle plan to put together to take on aging skin just sounds like a product endorsement from the author. But every once in a while there is a well written piece that I think deserves your attention.

This month in W Magazine there is a fantastic article, Aged and Confused by Danielle Stein, that really hits home for those of us dealing with our first wrinkles and less than lovely changes in our skin.

All of sudden it seemed like the oily skin I had always battled was changing and sun damage was asserting itself along with fine lines that did not disappear after a good nights sleep! I really feel that most women wait too long to go see a dermatologist and in the words of my own, show up looking like 10 miles of bad road expecting a miracle. I think that the multi-pronged approach that the author describes is the one that works best, although I do use retinoids and can tolerate them well. There is also a great cheat sheet attached to look at for some products to consider, although there are products available at lower price points that work well too.

I always strongly recommend reading Paula Begoun's books, consulting her website Cosmetics Cop, or researching your favorite products or prospective purchases on her new online Beauty Pedia. I feel you can rely on her to give sound advice with the science to back it up and her reviews are detailed and unbiased. My favorite products and the ones that disappoint seem to mirror her advice and her free articles on everything from acne to wrinkles are a worth while read.

Only you and your dermatologist can come up with a plan that will suit your needs, but any helpful advice in the right direction is much appreciated my this makeup junkie! Happy Reading!

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