Thursday, March 20, 2008

Heatherette by MAC

Today in stores the new Heatherette collection makes its debut! I had the chance to see the collection about a month ago (a pal who works for MAC) and was definitely interested. If for no other reason than the hot pink cases of this collection caught my eye. It's true, I am a sucker for good packaging and advertising. So off to the city I went today to check out the colors to my hearts content.

First off, this is not a color collection for the faint of heart. There are some pinks with some serious wattage and is what you would expect from Heatherette. Now don't misunderstand, this is not criticism. Not all makeup is or should be neutral and easily accessible in my humble opinion and if accessible color is what you want there are plenty of lines that are doing that well. Bobbi Brown and Clinique are the first that come to mind. But I count on MAC to provide edginess and not your mother's makeup colors and they deliver in spades!

My fav's for this collection are the Trio 2 eyeshadows that range from baby pink to a gorgeous purple. Lipglass in Style Minx is a true blue pink that is hot, hot, hot! The dual edge pencils with a different color on each end about sent me over the edge, with Phone Me/Text Me (metallic silver/charcoal grey) being the cream of the crop. My pal Karin was with me today and the Beauty Powder in Alpha Girl was her pick and I agree. It is a pinky golden color that would make an otherworldly spring blush.

So skip on down to your local MAC store and check this out. While you are there look at the Strobe collection and the Beauty Powder Blush. I have a flirtation going with the True Romantic shade.

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