Monday, March 17, 2008

Matte Perfection

I have oily skin. I don't like my oily skin. I have heard all the old wives tales about how oily skin will stay younger looking longer and I realize there may be some truth to it, but the shine battle that I wage as a result is no fun.

There are lots foundations that claim to be matte but very few that really deliver on that promise without looking like a mask. Yuck! Or worse, are not really matte at all and just look like goop on my face by mid-day. Double yuck!

Make Up Forever Mat Velvet+ liquid foundation is the hands down winner in my book and the Super Matte Loose Powder is divine. Both set the bar for matte foundation and powder without looking like you stole a small child's sidewalk chalk and smeared it all over your face. I remember the late 90's were all about matte but they were terrible, with heavy texture and cakey looking results. These two favorites are nothing like that with medium coverage and a matte finish that really controls shine without looking like the aforementioned chalk.

I also enjoy MAC's Studio Fix powder foundation and always have it on hand for use when morning time is limited, but blotting is a must for those of us afflicted with truly oily skin. So if you struggle as I do to keep your foundation looking fresh throughout the day, do not delay! Get thee to the Sephora and check out the promise land!

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