Thursday, March 20, 2008

CK Beauty is CK-licious

Oh the excitement, oh the joy! I went to visit Sephora today and was just thrilled down to my tip toes! They FINALLY had a few collections I had been waiting to see in person, chief among them was CK Beauty. Now I have taken a gander at the line on the Sephora website, but I am not good with purchasing makeup on the Internet sight unseen and smeared across my hand, face, etc. I need to be able to feel the texture of shadows, see the opacity of a lipgloss, and well darn it the shopping and testing is half the fun!

CK, I am happy to report, did not disappoint. I LOVED the gloss selection in the CK line. The colors were great (lots of pink) and the texture was not sticky. I immediately put on Flair in the Sheer Plumping Gloss and it was a dream. It was the perfect balance of pink and brown with slight shimmer and transparency. First Date which is a bright pink in the Delicious Light collection was young and fresh without looking bubblegum. I was so busy smearing all available body surfaces with gloss that I had to force myself to look at the rest of the line, which is a ringing endorsement in my mind.

The blush, all 6 of them, were great. I, of course, gravitate towards that illusive perfect pinky-brown color, but there were other options, I promise. Foolish and Skin were both warm and lovely.

I tested both concealer options, one on each eye, and the winner for me was the Endless Light Brightening Concealer. I love concealer that has a brush on applicator mainly because I feel they are easier to work with. This pen had good coverage without highlighting every fine line in sight and had a subtle brightening effect that was easy on my peepers.

Hopefully there is a Sephora near you carrying this glossy fun and if not then break down and check out the website. The glosses were all so good, really you can't go wrong!

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