Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Follow the Shimmer Brick Road

This past weekend I caught Bobbi Brown on QVC and as always was delighted with all the little tips and tricks I picked up! There really is nothing like seeing the person behind the brand working with the products to learn more.

I own 2 shimmer bricks in Pink and Tawny (a limited edition from last year) and admit that they haven't seen all that much use in my makeup rotation. Don't get me wrong, I love these little jewels and I get this twinge of guilt for having purchased them but not really using them. I knew that they were intended as a blush/highlighter and since I like to layer blush colors they would be the last one applied. But beyond that.....they were collecting dust.

So there I was watching Bobbi with her brushes, making the whole darn process of makeup-ing look effortless. Then they came to the Aqua Shimmer Brick for eyes. I sat forward in my seat, ready for some inspiration and WHAM, it struck me. Wait a second, this was eyeshadow she was talking about and as though the QVC lady was reading my mind at home, she asked Bobbi if all the shimmer bricks could be used for eyeshadow as well. If you are reading and saying DUH, well then you are smarter than me because the idea had just never occurred to my makeup brain.

Naturally I used the Tawny the very next day as not only a blush color, but used individual strips of the brick for a crease color and Voila! it was lovely. I also used the lightest gold shade as a highlight under the brow and it did not disappoint. Sometimes shimmery eyeshadow can really crease up on me but this performed well and really had some staying power!

So if you, like me, have products that are taking up valuable makeup space and not earning their keep, experiment! Plus a lot of the artists are selling their wares on QVC or HSN, so tune in (or set your TIVO) and pick up some ideas direct from the source!

This post is dedicated to my friend Karin. She loves the Wizard of Oz and will get a kick out of the title of this one!

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