Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Gift With Purchase

I am rarely drawn in by gifts with purchase. I generally view them as an attempt to persuade me to purchase more stuff than I wanted, needed or intended. But every once in a while a serendipitous event occurs and I am already purchasing enough to qualify for the shiny little gift. Better yet, every once in a while the gift is actually worth having and then I feel like I have won the cosmetics lottery!

Bloomingdales currently has just such a gift at the Estee Lauder counter with the purchase of $37.50 or more. First of all, the gift is huge and you get to chose from an array of products so this really does seem like the jackpot.

First pick is between a warm or cool eyeshadow palette with lipstick AND gloss. The palettes have 8 eyeshadows each, with the cool (my pick) ranging from light pink and taupe to smoky grey purples. YUM!

After that you have the choice of 1 each between 3 moisturizers, 3 repair lotions and 3 fragrances, all in a little cosmetics bag! Holy Cow!

In order to take home this prize I purchased the new Signature Eyeshadow Quad in Smoky Pink and Rose Light in the Pure Color Ultralight Gloss. This Rose Light shade is in the running for my favorite nude with some ompf, lipgloss color....really check it out! The new eye quads are the best shadows that Estee Lauder has produced in my opinion. The shadow is silky smooth and really wears and each quad (there are 8) is gorgeous. I am generally a MAC-aholic when it comes to eyeshadow. Between the color selection, quality and price, they are tough to beat. But these new quads at $35 for 4 colors aren't too shabby.

The gift is available until 04/13/08 in stores and online. Happy shopping!

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