Thursday, March 5, 2009

Urban Decay Cream Shadow

This is not a favorable review....let's just get that out of the way right off the bat. I had such high hopes for Urban Decay's new Cream Shadow. Normally I am a MAC Paint Pot fan with MAC Paint, Bobbi Brown Cream Shadow and Shiseido Hyrdo Power being my favorite alternatives.

But there are always colors I am looking for to use as a base for eyeshadows or pigments that my favorite brands just don't have.

Urban Decay's Delinquent Cream Shadow is a deep purple metallic that is gorgeous in the tube and when tested on your hand but the trouble begins when you actually start to use this product for it's intended purpose....on your eyes!

Application is streaky and patchy and takes forever to dry. Heaven forbid you should open your eyes before this stuff fully drys because then it will crease instantly. If you have the patience to apply a few layers with care AND allow sufficient drying time of a minute or so (who has time for that!) then the cream shadow is mostly set and you can apply shadow over it. The color payoff is great but that isn't the end of my story.

I managed to get a layer of Delinquent on and then carefully patted on Plum eyeshadow (MAC Pro shade) with a 239 brush and I even applied a layer of UDPP before to try and ensure a crease free day of wear. At first the result was great. The color was beautiful and rich but after about an hour trouble started and I was noticing some serious creasing. After a full day the shadow was just a mess and was gathered in the crease in what I refer to as makeup soup....not pretty!

I wish this had been a product I could recommend due to the shades offered but unless you have very dry lids that things don't normally crease on I just wouldn't waste the $17.

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