Sunday, March 15, 2009

Karl Lagerfeld Kapsules

These 3 fragrances are Karl Lagerfeld's interpretation of the 3 major fragrance families. Each Kapsule is $110 or you can get a set of 3 smaller bottles for $150 at Neiman Marcus.

I received a sample pack of all 3 to try and it took me a while to actually break these open. However I am a new fan of Floriental which features black tea, violet, and ivy leaves. It is the right blend of sweetness and warmth and is a real winner in my book.

Woody is cedarwood, plum and moss. I am normally a real woody fan and while I like this fragrance I would not buy it. The cedar gives a nice opening and that slightly pencil shaving scent with plum swirling around nicely. Moss is there but in the background. Woody is nice but just doesn't have the ompf of the woody fragrances I really love....think Bois de Paradis.

Light is a blend of bitter orange, jasmine and musk. The bitter orange is front and center at first with the jasmine and musk showing up later. For some reason it is the most masculine smelling of the 3 to me.

Floriential is far and away my pick and will be a future purchase for sure!

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