Monday, March 9, 2009

Shiseido Hydro Power

After writing my mostly scathing review of Urban Decay's cream shadow I went in search of another purple cream shadow that could serve as a base for all my purple shadows and really give them some umpf! I am here to tell you that there just aren't that many good options when it comes to purple.

MAC had a paint pot called Nice Vice that was a limited edition with Fafi but that now goes for close to $50 on Ebay and I just won't pony up that kind of cash for a paint pot that could very well be a dried up mess. I have haunted my local CCO's looking for this shade but have struck out.

Bobbi Brown cream shadows are great bases and resist creasing nicely but there isn't a true purple in the bunch. That was when I stumbled on Shiseido's Violet Vision which seemed like the answer to my prayers! After my Urban Decay let down I was skeptical and saved my receipt!

I am here to tell you that Violet Vision is a winner and was tested over a full day at work and into the night. After leaving my house at 8:30 and returning after 9 there was not a crease in sight and my shadow was looking good. If you are hunting for a base to prevent creasing and make purples really pop this is the real deal.

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