Monday, March 30, 2009

Lipstick Queen - Big Bang Theory Lip Gloss

Poppy King the creator of Lipstick Queen just never fails to delight me. To date there is only one product she has ever released that I just couldn't recommend wholeheartedly. (Shine gloss with the yucky plasticy smell I am looking at you)

Her latest offering is Big Bang Theory Lip Gloss for $20 that comes in all the lovely shades pictured and in that cute little test tube package. These glosses were designed to give the look of plump lips with fine particle shimmer instead of the lip searing effects of some plumpers out there.

I tested all the colors at Barneys and my fav's are Creation, Energy, Cosmos, and Black Hole. Energy is just this amazing deep shimmery red that looks like a nail polish on the lips....and yes that is a good thing. Thankfully these do not have any fragrance and are just dang good shiny and shimmery gloss fun.

These can be found at Barneys or Lipstick Queen.

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