Sunday, February 8, 2009

Stila - Precious Pearl Palette

I have been trying very hard to be controlled about my makeup spending these days. There are two reasons and so far I have been doing pretty good but not great. Reason #1 is the economy in general and I think with things being so uncertain and companies laying people off or just plain going out of business it is wise to save more than I usually do. Reason #2 MAC Hello Kitty is coming out soon and I have been petrified that I will want every last piece of the collection which will be major cash!

So while I am trying hard to be better about my makeup shopping I can't help but cruise the cosmetics department or Sephora and gaze at the makeup gems. Perhaps you might say this is like taking an alcoholic to the corner bar but I just can't help it and I do have pretty good self control.

During my recent cruise of Sephora I remembered I had a Sephora gift card that had a $38 balance and this palette was a must have so my guilt was practically erased!

Stila's Precious Pearl Palette is not only gorgeous eyeshadow but the mother of pearl palette case is oh so pretty at $40. There are six shades that all have crushed pearl in them for a beautiful shimmery smooth application that is super pigmented and like all Stila shadows, easy to blend.

From left is a white gold, soft pink, mid-tone pink, blackened deep blue, mermaid green, and burnished gold.

This is worth breaking your piggy bank open for!

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