Monday, January 26, 2009

Lancome - Pink Irreverence

Ummm, my wallet was not prepared for this collection from Lancome. After MAC BBR I had blown my makeup allowance pretty thoroughly and this collection just came out of nowhere!

I admit that I don't pay a great deal of attention to Lancome since Gucci Westman departed but apparently I need to start paying better attention.

Aaron de Mey is Lancome's creative director and boy oh boy he has a serious fan in this makeup junkie! This New Zealand born makeup genius is on fire with this huge collection, Pink Irreverence.

There are 2 eye palettes including the pink beauty pictured. There are new liners in both pencil and the felt tip variety, nail polishes, lipsticks, and glosses. Forget Me Not lipstick is a favorite and the new gloss formula is amazing!

Le Laque Fever is a full color gloss with shine and pigmentation to make any gloss girl happy but boy does the color last. Electric Pink is indeed neon pink with sparkle and depth that keep it modern and beautiful without looking like an 80's mall singer. I am not sure how I will pull off this ultra hot pink shade but dang it I will give it a go!

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