Thursday, January 22, 2009

MAC - Brunette Blonde Redhead

This MAC collection is a must see and keep your wallet handy and your budget in mind. It is easy to get swept away and buy every last new color in sight if you aren't careful! Brunette Blonde Redhead is almost all new color and MAC has hit it out of the park with nearly all of the offerings.

The Mineralize degrade powders are finely milled and provide highlighting and color that is ultra-blendable. There isn't a bad one in the bunch although I passed on the Brunette MSF as it is very warm for my skin tone.

My favorite Lipglass is Strawberry Blonde and holy cow it is multiple worthy. SB is a deep pink red that is lovely and would look good on anyone blonde or not.

Henna and Flip eyeshadows are two gold based shades that MAC has before now been missing and Pincurl is a grey with iridescence that may not seem impressive in the pan but is magic on the eye. Pincurl is duplicate worthy as well.

I encourage you to go see this collection and please check out the limited edition brushes quickly. The 3 brushes should be permanent but if they aren't you will kick yourself hard for not getting them.

The 226 is a baby 224 and is a perfect crease and blender combined. This is a brush that MAC has been missing for a while and I praise them for providing it.

The 214 is a smudge shader that is unique in that it comes to a chisel edge that allows you to smudge liner along the lash line like no other.

The 165 is a tapered cheek highlight brush and is made for exactly that purpose. It hugs the top of the cheek bone and makes highlighting a breeze.

Happy shopping!

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