Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kings & Queens

Kings & Queens is made by Korres, one of my favorite producers of body and hand lotions. Korres is known for being natural and the lotions are rich and hydrating. My only issue is that I am very picky about fragrances and there are only a few I like.

I had read about Kings & Queens but had never run across any products until stumbling on them at Nordstrom. The scents are exotic and smell real if that makes since.

My example would be peach scented products that smell so intensely of artificial peach that they are saccharine and awful. It is rare to find fragrance is beauty products that smells like it should and not a synthetic approximation.

My first purchase was the Honey body butter which is unbelievable. I love honey on buttered hot toast and can't decide if its the smell of the warm oozing honey or the taste that is better. The body butter smells EXACTLY like warm honey on buttered toast!

My second purchase was Mango and it too has all the sweet but sharp aspects of the real fruit and never strays into that overly sugary version of Mango that I can't stand.

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