Friday, February 13, 2009

Bobbi Brown - Makeup Manual

Like any self respecting makeup junkie I not only spend my fun money on makeup, makeup and more makeup, I also keep abreast of the latest makeup related publications.

If there is anything that competes with shopping for, playing with, and taking home my brand new makeup goodies it has to be reading about makeup in glossy magazines (Allure being the winner) or books.

As I have mentioned I am a HUGE Kevyn Aucoin fan and was heartbroken when he passed away. His books are regular perusal material and I love studying his technique and picking up tips and tricks.

Bobbi Brown has to be a close second for me and I have been waiting for this kind of book from her for a long time. According to this is the book her fans have been waiting for and lord knows I am a fan! It is supposed to be chalk full of tips and techniques from her 25 years of experience.

I am here to report that this book is a good read for both makeup novices and junkies like myself. I really enjoyed her advice on putting together a working makeup kit a lot and her advice on breaking into the business was specific and right on the money.

My only gripe was I wanted more instruction and application tips and tricks. Unfortunately that part of the book was a little lean.

Overall I still think think this is a worth while purchase and read.

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