Thursday, May 7, 2009

MAC Rose Romance

I am a bit late to the game on mentioning Rose Romance. I can't say why exactly because there is a lot to love about this collection. Maybe it is because I was very selective about what I bought or perhaps it was because I already own both pigments and I really want some new ones to appear already!

Okay small tantrum over.

Here is what I loved and bought:

Silverthorn, Of Summer, and Et Tu Bouquet eyeshadows. Steal My Heart Lipglass. All of the See Thru Lipcolors and Blush of Youth Beauty Powder which is pictured.

I am IN LOVE with the Beauty Powder. Everyone has commented that the embossed design is hard to take a brush to and I agree but Blush of Youth is afreakin-mazing! MAC describes it as a clean pink with gold pearl and that is about right except I don't see any pearl, just glow. Blush of Youth is a soft healthy pink that you can build to your hearts content and you won't ever leave the house looking like a clown.

The two pigments offered are Mutiny and Circa Plum. Mutiny is a bright sky blue and Circa Plum is a dirty lavender with quite a bit of gray to my eye. As I said I own both and love them and if they are not a part of your pigment collection I highly suggest picking them up.

All in all there is a lot to love but the Beauty Powder just stole my heart!

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