Thursday, April 30, 2009

Shiseido Perfect Rouge

I buy lipstick but I rarely wear it. I often find myself reaching for one of a dozen or so glosses rattling around the bottom of my purse rather than a tube of lipstick.

I used to wear red lipstick almost exclusively and then for some reason I started to wear gloss....all colors and usually the brighter the better. It was a personal makeup revolution for me that has left my many tubes of lipstick, both new and old, collecting dust.

Still I love a lipstick tube a lot. Something about an actual tube is so satisfying. I am always willing to try new lipstick formulas that come onto the market and look for one that is color true, won't bleed, and is moisturizing.

Shideido is one of those brands that I only pay attention to because of the creative director, makeup artist Dick Page. His runway work is some of my favorite to watch and so when Perfect Rouge hit counters I ran on down to the mall to check out Mr. Page's creation.

Perfect Rouge comes in 20 shades and is $25 a tube. My favorite SA at the local Nordstrom gave me a sample card with 4 shades on it to try and I was instantly hooked. The colors are rich yet clear, almost jelly like. Jelly is rich in color yet ultimately transparent and this lipstick captures that perfectly. This combo is a favorite whether it is nail polish or jelly.

I bought both Salon and Sweet Pea in the red family with Sweet Pea being a pink red and Salon a softer true red.

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