Monday, April 13, 2009

Shu Uemura - Pink Collection

I am a daily reader of Annie's blog, Blogdorf Goodman. I read this blog religiously when I will skip all others. She is currently doing her 40 days of all things lippie related and I eat it up with a spoon!

A few days ago she posted about Shu Uemura's Pink collection that features 9 new lipsticks and 5 new shades of gloss in various shades of, you guessed it, PINK.

Now I love pink lippies and there is hardly a pink I won't consider. I like bright fuchsia pink, soft brown pinks that are about my lip color, sparkly baby pinks, and everything in between. I will even try warm pinks and I generally avoid warm lip colors most of the time.

The Pink Collection is all about a new pink hybrid pigment that is supposed to bring unprecedented pink pureness to these lippies. Well I don't know about you but the looks of the gloss pictured here is darn magnificent to me and if it is achieved through some new fangled pigment science I say yipee! Bring on the pink!

The gloss can be had for $22 and the lipstick for $23. If you are a pink lover this collection should not be missed.

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