Sunday, July 5, 2009

Armani Midnight Lip Shimmer

I admit that I really love lip gloss, but I am getting pickier about it as time goes on and I get a bit older. When I was a younger gal the only real requirment for a good gloss was high wattage shine. I could care less if the stuff was as sticky as fly paper and the color was alright as long as it was wearable. Like I said, shine ruled.

But I am older now and color has really stepped up as one of my key considerations with a close second and third being shine and stickiness. Basically I require more from gloss than it being a one trick shine pony.

My issue with most gloss revolves around the lack of good color payoff and most colors not really showing up and being too transparent. After I have worn them for a few minutes they look like my lip color but shiny. Boring! In my search for pigmented gloss I have tried many and most have failed.

Armani Midnight Gloss is just about perfect and I am here to tell you why. First this gloss comes in 6 vibrant and pigmented shades. Midnight Gloss is shiny and has some pearl particles in it for added sparkle. Also MG is not sticky and does not have any fragrance as far as I can tell which is a real plus in my book!

The only reason I haven't built an altar to it and started worship services is that there are only 6 shades! I know, I know, I can't have everything and shouldn't be such a demanding brat but when I find a good thing I want variety so I can have a whole bouquet of colors to choose from.

Midnight Gloss is $26 and worth every penny!

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