Thursday, July 16, 2009

Armani Lip Wax

Armani describes Lip Wax as lipstick without excess. I describe Lip Wax as a ultra light chapstick with great color.

What I mean is that Lip Wax does have a slightly lip balm waxy feel but it is refined to the point of being weightless. Lip Wax also has great color payoff that almost acts like a stain and really stays put.

Lip Wax is my preferred product when I want a bit of color on my lips but do not want to fuss with gloss, liner, or worry about touching up a lipstick. Lip Wax has never bled on my lips and the color will wipe off but not easily.

There are 7 shades to chose from with #7 being the newest addition and part of the Pink Light collection for spring. #7 is a pink raspberry shade that is a great balance of brightness without looking neon.

Lip Wax is $26 and can be found at Neiman's and some Nordstrom stores.

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