Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bare Escentuals - Diamond Lips

Someone over at BE must be a MAC fan because these are the most blatant imitation of Dazzleglass that I have seen so far. To be fair that isn't necessarily a bad thing as imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but then again they need to live up to the loveliness that is Dazzleglass.

BE's Buxom Diamond Lips have all the great attributes that make me a fan of the Buxom glosses. The fragrance in these is pleasant, the cool minty feeling is refreshing unlike some plumpers that make you feel that your lips are being seared off. Buxom gloss has pretty good staying power as far as gloss goes and is not overly sticky.

For the most part Diamond Buxoms follow the Buxom formula but the glitter in these leaves something to be desired. Dazzleglass had me scared when I read the description on the MAC site and it referred to large particle pearl. I figured this had to mean chunk city but while MAC avoided that, BE does not.

Diamond Buxoms feel a bit gritty and when the actual gloss disappears it leaves the glitter behind and stuck to your lips. This is a shame because the gloss colors are nice and the Buxom formula in general is one I love.

This limited set is $28 and includes 4 mini tubes in pink, raspberry, peach and mauve.

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