Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Diorshow Ionic Mascara

Here is Dior's latest mascara offering that is supposed to curl, lift and separate your lashes. I will preface this review by saying I have never been a Diorshow fan and just don't get the hoopla. I have actually tried Diorshow Blackout and was less than impressed with the results.

First off it didn't look any blacker than average to me. Second the stuff smudged and gave me raccoon eyes which is not a look I strive for. Third I think there is some great brush technology out there and this on is relying on the thick nylon bottle brush variety.

But Ionic claims to be smudge proof and the oblique brush looked promising. Frankly for $27 I expect them to make good on ALL their claims.

I was immediately apprehensive when I pulled the wand out of the tube as it was loaded with mascara...a lot of mascara. I had to wipe the wand down or there would have been a problem. Right away I must tell you that I intrinsically do not like wiping down wands as it is always messy and dang it that is my overpriced mascara I am throwing away!

So in terms of length, volume, and separation Ionic did well. I wasn't blown away but it wasn't a disappointment either. I suppose I expect great things from a $30 mascara and I feel like I get the same or better results from drugstore brands like Covergirl Lash Blast.

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